Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is a vital service that helps people manage their business when they cannot be in person. These services are nothing new, but the way they work evolves and adapts to keep pace with the changing needs of our societies. It helps shoppers and merchants worldwide do business together. It assists travelers away from home for extended periods to manage their communications and purchases from the road. It streamlines this process by handling key details involved in shipping and forwarding a client’s items to them for a fee.

How They Work – This is a straightforward and uncomplicated process once the initial consumer research is done.
Do your homework. Ask if they ship to the countries of your choice. What irregular charges may apply such as customs, taxes, insurance, storage, and customer service? Do they offer a tracking service? Are there per piece handling fees? How do they calculate the postage? How long have they been in business? What is the delivery time frame?
Choose the best company for your particular needs.
Enroll online or via telephone, email, or snail mail according to instructions.
Once your ID is verified, select the specific services and features you want.
Place an initial deposit in your service account.
You will be issued a unique physical address to use as the shipping address for purchases or mail. Make sure you use this address and not a billing or corporate address.
The company holds the purchases or mail according to the client’s instructions and forwards them as directed.
Postage costs are deducted from their account. Other applicable fees are deducted from the account and vary with company policy.
When the account balance is low, the client deposits more money.
Most do not offer services for items requiring refrigeration like food or medicine.

Costs and Services – Most fees are types that a merchant would normally charge. Those are the fees where a forwarding service can save you money. Main costs are for postage to forward your items and a monthly service fee. Both vary depending on your selected options, which you must fully verify and understand before you join. Enrollment fees are free from many providers.
Mail forwarding services bundle your purchases to save on postage.
Make it possible to shop with merchants who do not ship to your area.

Risks – Returns can be tricky if you don’t like your purchase. Ask how your provider handles this and if they accommodate items like antiques or large, heavy items that require special handling or storage.

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